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Canadian Made Luxury

As a Québec high-end spa manufacturer, we are pleased to be able to offer you their range of fully manufactured products in Québec Canada.

The Creator's of BeWell Spa originated in Europe, where style, quality, and efficiency is top priority, taking the principles of their well known European Brand.

Take a peak at the range of Spa types that are available, then visit our showroom to see them in person!

Popular Features Available


BE.Clear In Water Salt System

 It's now possible to equip your spa with a salt water system. Minimal maintenance needed, just relax and enjoy your spa. Be Clear, the most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitization system system ever offered to spa owners. BeClear salt system can be installed on a new or existing spa 


BE.Connect Control System

 Take control of your spa! Change the functions and adjust settings with the in.touch application available on Ipad, Iphone and most recent android devices. You've got relaxation at your fingertips. 
Available in two versions: You can either access your spa from a local area network using in.touch home or control it from any location  using  in.touch world.


Air X Jet System for Complete Therapy

Air-X Jet system is a completely new soft tissue therapy experience that is designed to draw up to 3 times the air of a standard system.  Air X infuses the soft feel of air and water with a kinetic power. Air X also features a stainless steel therapy ring for contact stimulation to promote increased blood flow. 

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